Jennifers Jewelry

Southeast Lighthouse Pendant

Designed in 1992, in an effort to help bring attention the fund raising campaign dedicated to moving the southeast lighthouse before it fell off the edge of the Mohegan Bluffs. The entire island got behind the movement and in 1993 the lighthouse was saved and is one of the most visited spots on the island to this day. We hope that our charm moves you the same way it helped move the light. 


Charms are made with solid Sterling Silver and are sold WITHOUT a Chain... Chains are available


Jennifer’s Jewelry is the premier shop on Block Island for fine silver & gold jewelry, featuring Jennifer’s own designs of Block Island jewelry. In 1991, she opened the little “jewelry box” on Dodge Street, and in 2007 opened her second location at the Harborside Inn on Water Street. The little store has been and continues to be a favorite shopping place for over 20 years, showcasing Jennifer’s Block Island designs and filled with a wonderfully eclectic assortment of fine gold & silver from other designers.

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